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Esurance Wins The Social Super Bowl, 1.5 Billion Ways!

The Denver Broncos may have won the Super Bowl with 24 points, but Esurance won Super Bowl Social with the score of 1.5 Billion! Yes, 1.5 Billion impressions made Esurance the clear social media winner for Super Bowl 50 with … Continue reading

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Can a Nice Brand Be Naughty and Win?

Year after year we welcome holiday ads that tug at our heartstrings and bring tears to our eyes. Most reinforce the true meaning of the season – warmth, cheer, generosity, and sincerity. For that one media-driven moment, viewers pause and … Continue reading

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A Strong Brand Can Transcend Channel Boundaries

Amy’s Kitchen steps out of the grocery store aisles with Organic Fast Food! Like, the drive-thru kind. Yes, you read that right. The #1 organic brand in the grocery store has opened its first quick serve restaurant and lines are … Continue reading

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The Next Generation of Infomercial: Entertainment Galore!

Say hello to the next generation of infomercial. Skittles has probably just produced one of the greatest infomercials of all time and it’s now airing on Evine Live. And wow! Has it gone viral! So what makes it a perfect … Continue reading

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Looking for Brand Advocates?

Think it takes an exhaustive search to find folks willing to toot your horn? Sometimes your strongest Brand Advocates are right under your nose! That’s where they were for IBM.  The tech giant easily enticed 1,000 of its own sales … Continue reading

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Are You Abusing The Power of Social Media?

DON’T WATCH this whole video. Please. ALS (AKA Lou Gehrig’s disease) is a merciless disease. Desperate patients and their families have turned to social media in their quest to find a cure, as the only drug currently approved for ALS in … Continue reading

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Can You Copy Viral Success?

Is the Twizzler Challenge the next biggest philanthropic initiative? The Twizzler Challenge (#TwizzlerChallenge) — created by chance, not a Marketing Department — dares two people to share a single Twizzler from the opposite ends and meet in the middle for a … Continue reading

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