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Brands Having Sass With Class

Long the punching bag of Jon Stewart, one would think Arby’s would have been quietly doing the happy dance come Jon’s last show. Certainly wouldn’t have been bothered to say good-bye to him. Fortunately, they did just the opposite and created … Continue reading

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The Next Marketing Horizon— Air Space!

Think the “selfie” couldn’t be topped? Enter the era of the new “Dronie!” New product? New marketing tool? New social phenom? Apparently, yes. Drones have certainly become more commonplace these days, even landing on the White House Lawn, albeit uninvited. … Continue reading

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How to Make Sex Sell Well

Ordinarily, I cringe when I see sex jokes or a “sex sells” approach in marketing. So often the effort ends up being crass and totally in the gutter. Enter the Banana Bunker on Groupon’s Facebook page and I was reminded … Continue reading

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Cause Marketing — Is It Really In Your DNA?

With so many companies supporting high profile and “popular” charities, I often wonder if their support is genuine or just a move to gain visibility and goodwill? IKEA, popular maker of well-functioning, affordable furniture for the masses, seems to be … Continue reading

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Mophie Creativity Recharges SXSW

With SXSW becoming larger and larger each year, and more massively big budget corporations participating, it’s a challenge to really stand out. Unless of course, you have an army of adorable St. Bernard dogs attached to your brand.

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Taking Sampling to New Heights

Seeing the Northern Lights has long been on my wish list. Icelandair® is hoping it’s on lots  of others’ lists, too. So they are “sampling” this fantastic phenomenon at 35,000 feet!

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Keep Your Eye On The Prize

In the chrome-and-glass world of “contemporary” marketing,  the pressure is always on to find the “shiny new object.” Often, this quest trumps all judgment as to what is truly relevant and motivating to REAL PEOPLE. So how about taking a … Continue reading

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