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A Daily Deal Like No Other.

Earlier this summer, an employee of Groupon, Bobby Cann, was commuting home on his bicycle, only to be killed by a drunken driver.  In honor of their fallen colleague, Groupon turned to what they know best and launched a Daily … Continue reading

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Go Kings!

After a crushing loss to the Chicago Blackhawks in Double Overtime on Saturday night, the LA Kings sent out the obligatory congratulations tweet from the team’s Twitter account. The tweet that then followed couldn’t have summed it up better.  A … Continue reading

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Bad Timing. Really Bad.

Austrian Air probably thought their pre-roll on CNN video was a splendid idea, reaching their target audience so efficiently. Trouble is, their ad played right before a video of the 747 Cargo plane crash at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan. … Continue reading

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“Fast” Fashion

This spring Victoria’s Secret is debuting a new product line called “Bright Young Things.”  This line features underwear with phrases such as “Dare You,” “Feeling Lucky,” and “Call Me.” A spokesperson for Limited Brands provided an explanation as to why … Continue reading

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Get a Lyfe

Yes, it is true, as a society we have a weight problem. But it is unlikely that forbidding us from buying a large sugary soda is really going to effectively change anything. Eating unhealthy foods, in large amounts, has become … Continue reading

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The Friendly Skies Again

The airline business is certainly pretty competitive, with everyone’s goal of being “on time” one of THE biggest contributing factors — to not only customer satisfaction, but to employee performance ratings as well.  And getting out on time is followed … Continue reading

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Pinterest: Most Wanted

For many of us, Pinterest is a place to share favorite recipes, décor, fashion, and cute animal pictures.  Most probably wouldn’t think to Pin a photo of a crime suspect or information about a crime.  But the Joliet, IL Police … Continue reading

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