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Weddings to Go. Really?

Okay, most of us are familiar with mobile food trucks, flower trucks, ice cream trucks, and even cigar trucks. But the latest truck I’ve run across is a “Mobile Matrimony” truck where you can get “betrothed in the back of … Continue reading

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Viva Italians!

Those Italians! They just do everything right (especially vacations)! Check out the “on holiday” vacation email notice I received the other day from Architema, a high-end furniture design company from Italy. I love this email ad— its simplicity, design, and … Continue reading

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Recipe for Success… But How Did It Know?

Technology and marketing have long been great companions. But this time, the marriage allowed the most basic of strategies — a simple recipe campaign — to work even harder. A campaign for Hellmann’s mayonnaise in Brazil actually included the printing … Continue reading

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Nothing Bedder to Invent?

OK, really? This is what we have been reduced to? No wonder we’re an “obese” society with inventions like these! Meet Ohea: The smart bed is a bed that “makes itself.” OK, for someone who physically can’t make a bed, … Continue reading

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Soap for Cell Phones? Sign Me Up!

Being a self-proclaimed “germaphobe,” who knows the kind of disgusting germs that can be found on any cell phone, I was thrilled to hear that there is a new ultraviolet device being produced to clean cell phones. A US company … Continue reading

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Superhero Envy

Yes, now you can be a superhero, too! With the Marvel’s new movie “The Avengers” ready to be released in May, the stores are loaded up with toy Hulks, mini-Thor’s, Spiderman underwear, and Ironman masks galore, as expected. But there’s … Continue reading

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Get Rid of Junk Mail in a Snap.

Here’s a great new app idea that would come in handy at my house. PaperKarma is an app for your smart phone that allows you to take photos of the junk mail that you no longer want to receive. Start … Continue reading

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