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Virtual Meets Reality

I’m so glad that the Toys ‘R Us holiday commercials have ended. Those two kids were annoying, especially the boy. But they recently introduced a Facebook game that caught my eye. Called Toys R’ Us Towers, and powered by video game … Continue reading

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Pocket Like It’s Hot

Having worked on food product marketing for more than a few years, I’ve often thought about leveraging celebrity endorsement by someone who actually liked and consumed our product. It looks like Nestle’s Hot Pockets brand has recently hit the jackpot … Continue reading

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This Cookie’s Not Crumbling

Who doesn’t love Oreo cookies? Or their advertising? For years Oreo has pulled at consumers’ heartstrings in just the right way to keep their mantle as America’s Favorite Cookie. But a recent innovative effort relied on consumers to help them … Continue reading

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Two Sides of the Coin: Branding Reality Check

I love watching TV – movies, sports, sitcoms, drama and even shows like American Pickers. I even like watching commercials! So the other day I saw 2 big brand ads that caught my attention – one for Kraft Cheese  and … Continue reading

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Turning a Sour Situation into Lemonade!

Smart companies realize that how they deal with problems, issues or mistakes can have more impact on business than even the best Marketing campaign. Especially in the current world of instantaneous consumer feedback and sharing/spreading of news via Social Media, … Continue reading

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A Really “Cool” Idea!

Love those crazy international creatives. Just when you thought you’ve seen every possible type of “guerilla” outdoor/event executions, here comes a new one. At broiling hot Brazilian and Israeli beaches, Sprite has come to the rescue of sweltering sun worshippers … Continue reading

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A Winning Goal

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE sports. So I’m always looking for something innovative in the world of sports. Well I just found one, based on a tried and true tactic, but with a twist. While watching a … Continue reading

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