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Really stuck on Band-Aids now!

I’m fascinated by Augmented Reality (AR), as I’ve seen a number of pretty creative uses of the technology. Many have been event-based, or stunts with limited reach, but strong buzz factor. However I think J&J has nailed it for the … Continue reading

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Ford Pinball Park

I love all the creative ways companies are using outdoor media to get attention and sell their brand’s features. It seems like there’s always something new going on on the jumbo screen at Times Square, or a modified flash mob … Continue reading

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The Next Level of Creative

McDonald’s in Canada really does have me saying, “I’m lovin’ it!” Two recent creative executions make me want to tip my hat to them — really, really using every sense to bring their point home. One transit ad campaign supported … Continue reading

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A whole new meaning of “Experiential!”

Having had the good fortune to visit Israel almost exactly one year ago, one of the things that amazed me – beyond the obvious incredible experience of seeing so many ancient sites with so much historical and religious significance – … Continue reading

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Loyalty in The Round

It’s not often when a “loyalty” program includes so many truly “360” elements, especially one that is literally “360”. The Mohegan Sun Casino in CT just announced the creation of Shine 360 – a permanent, 25 foot wide, 360-degree photo … Continue reading

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Now that’s what I call sampling!

IKEA, the Scandinavian retailer, is known for innovative, design-rich products that often target young people with small living spaces. For anyone who hasn’t been in one of their stores, they’re usually massive and draw tremendous crowds, though showcase items in … Continue reading

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A GIGUNDO Incentive

Some things don’t change in this crazy business we’re in, especially when it relates to what REALLY motivates people. We all know that people like to get something for free, they love to win (sweepstakes, games or contests), and they … Continue reading

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