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Virtual Meets Real Life

I’m so glad that the Toys ‘R Us holiday commercials have ended. Those two kids were annoying, especially the boy. But they recently introduced a Facebook game that caught my eye. Called Toys R’ Us Towers, and powered by video … Continue reading

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Listen to the Music.

I’ve commented previously about car advertising – you know, the irresponsible driving and ridiculous small print “Professional drivers. Closed course. Don’t really drive like this or you may kill yourself, but we’re off the hook according to our lawyers”. But a … Continue reading

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Bucket O’Brain Freeze.

This is truly one from the “I Wish I Thought of That” file. In an attempt to thwart a competitive threat from Coke, Seven Eleven Australia implemented a unique stunt that not only generated tons of attention, but achieved the … Continue reading

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The Earlier, The Better… Really?

Anyone who regularly shops in Costco knows that “Holiday” shopping starts earlier and earlier every year. Halloween candy in August and Christmas trees in October are the norm, and seem to show up earlier and earlier every year. But I … Continue reading

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Sympathy Soup.

Just in time for cold and flu season, Heinz Soup in the U.K, has created an interesting Facebook app that combines the social world with the virtual world with… the real world (imagine that!) In the U.K., Heinz positions its … Continue reading

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Fast Food Ads Heat Up.

I’ve seen a lot of new commercials for fast food favorites, Wendy’s and Burger King, lately that couldn’t be more divergent, and interestingly, moving in the opposite direction —  yet both focusing on quality. Now I’m not a big fast … Continue reading

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Real in Reality?

Marketers are all looking for the next big thing that will get consumers to take notice and act. A few things have gotten a lot of buzz in the last year – iPads and their apps, Google + and of … Continue reading

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