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If They Find It…

The best thing about this PSA (aside from the fact that it’s hysterical), is that it gets its message across no matter which side of the “Gun Rights” debate you find yourself on. I don’t imagine there are many gun … Continue reading

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The Write Stuff.

Since we’re in the business of communication, I read with interest an article in the New York Times regarding the ongoing debate about the teaching of cursive handwriting in elementary schools. Common Core standards, adopted now by most U.S. states, … Continue reading

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Why Would You Want A Wagon?

Well, especially now as the summer travel season is upon us, there are lots of reasons. They can haul 5 people and a good amount of stuff; or 2 people and an incredible amount of stuff. They’re built on car … Continue reading

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Endangered Wildlife — Giving ‘Timed Offer’ A Whole New Meaning

Have you seen this one? The Smithsonian National Zoo and the Conservation Biology Institute have teamed up in a “wildly” innovative way with the American rock band, Portugal. The Man, to raise awareness about a beautiful animal that is close … Continue reading

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This is a Commercial?

Fast-food innovator Chipotle has already made a name for themselves with two stunning animated web spots: Back To The Start and The Scarecrow. But they’ve really gone all-out this time with a new Hulu series, Farmed And Dangerous. Written, cast, … Continue reading

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Breathing Easy

Have you had that chest cold thing lately? You know, the one that started with a sore throat around New Year’s Eve, hung around for a while, sort of went away, then came back with gusto, clogging up your head and … Continue reading

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A Very Special Delivery

That cat was almost let out of the bag (er, box that is) for a clever promotion for the Nissan Versa recently. When Nissan offered the vehicle last fall for sale on Amazon (with $1,000 gift cards as an incentive) … Continue reading

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