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A Super Idea

The prospect of having a child begin a course of chemotherapy must be one of the most frightening things a parent has to face. Even more so for the child, because there is so much about it that they don’t … Continue reading

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Wonderfilled Indeed

This is how you do an ad campaign. I was charmed last night by the new Oreo “Wonderfilled” campaign, a catchy little ditty by the band Owl City, lyrics that not only provide some clever rhymes with “Oreo” but also … Continue reading

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Can Don’t?

How perfect given we are facing the start of summer, and a highly unofficial beer-drinking season! Starting May 6th, Budweiser was available in a new “Bow-Tie-Shaped” can. Harkening back to their iconic bow tie logo, it looks kind of cute … Continue reading

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More Things Like This, Please.

  National Record Store Day (April 20th) celebrates the few remaining independent record stores left around the world. With a focus on vinyl records, it’s a day to celebrate all that so many of us miss about buying records, CDs, … Continue reading

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Lessons in Logos

The Miami Dolphins are about to unveil their new team logo, and since I am not a fan of the team, I am not sure why I care. But I do. As recently as last season, watching Miami play my … Continue reading

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Best. Promo. Ever.

When satire is aimed with perfect accuracy at the right target, it can obliterate it in such a way that the target will never be the same again. Last summer’s horror film/homage/desconstruction The Cabin In The Woods took the horror … Continue reading

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Sending Sweet Thoughts

We all have heard the struggles that our US Postal Service is going through, (no more Saturday deliveries starting in August!) so could they take a tip from Belgium? The Belgian postal service is honoring the country’s tradition of making … Continue reading

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