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Language is Life

Language guides and courses aimed at the tourist abroad are usually pretty dry stuff. Learning how to say “Please”; “Thank you”; “Morning”; “Evening”; and a few food names represents a very cursory means to navigate a culture. But, the travel … Continue reading

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Hey China, Wanna Do Lunch?

We live in a complicated world. The globalization of information has exploded in recent years and technology seems to be in danger of outpacing understanding. Suddenly, we have e-neighbors from cultures about which we may know little and whose rituals … Continue reading

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When Less is Less Not More.

OK, Reality Check. So, we know as consumers, that we’ve  all been dealing with broad-scale downsizing or manipulation of products for awhile now, as brands attempt to maintain profits during unfortunate economic times. And even though most of these changes … Continue reading

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Cents of Humor.

In the last few years, writers, producers, and comedians have been gravitating to the relatively unrestricted environment of the web to create and produce new comedy series. The formats of these shows vary, as do the locations where they can … Continue reading

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What Goes Around Comes Around…

Whether it’s bottom up, or top out, expanding brands by connecting them to *community* is nothing new — but curiously, now something that is “hot.” We all know that not every brand is born BIG. Most begin in a local … Continue reading

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Interactive Everything?

We all know that, in recent years, the boundaries between media and between media services have come crashing down, like the Berlin Wall in a new democracy. Consumers have ever-increasing choices about what they watch, listen to, read, communicate with, … Continue reading

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Old Habits Die Hard.

Why is it so hard to get consumers to try something new, or to switch brands? To answer, let’s start here, at Too funny. Since dogs interact with the world, first and foremost, through scent, that dog actually knows that … Continue reading

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