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Can hip humor fight Drugged Driving?

The recent legalization of marijuana for recreational use in Colorado has prompted a new $450k PSA campaign  targeted at drivers who may not be aware of the level of impairment that marijuana can cause, or the legal ramifications of being … Continue reading

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Are Your Windows the New Frontier in Advertising?

Need to make a little extra cash and got windows? Well here is a new view on outdoor advertising, no longer restricted to billboards along highways. Anything outdoors, can be turned into a billboard. We’ve seen park benches, waste cans, … Continue reading

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Don’t Squander Your Resources. Especially If You Can.

    At a time of year when we are all so conscious of wringing out every last penny of value from the resources we have, this TBS W.T.F.: FLOP really got to me.

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Netflix is Watching YOU, too!

Netflix- It’s inspired by YOU, Paris!

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Blown Away.

I love not only this clever billboard from a swedish shampoo company, but how it inspired The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation to make a similar ad with a very different message. The technology is of course impressive, the visual of … Continue reading

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Advertising Taking Flight.

There is certainly nothing new about advertising on planes, from beverage napkins to food and drink sampling, even ads on printable boarding passes. Spirit Airlines, however, is taking this to new heights. Recently on a trip from Boston to Atlantic City, the … Continue reading

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Location, Location, Location works in Marketing, too

Need to find new, creative ways to get noticed? Looks like The D.C.-based software design studio, Intridea, figured out a clever way to do just that! They bought a one week billboard in NYC right across from Ad Giant, Ogilvy … Continue reading

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