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Support your Girls.

October is breast cancer month and a sports bra manufacturer is suggesting that women “support your girls”. Now I have always heard of men naming their private parts–but I did a double take for a billboard outside a sports store … Continue reading

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Does Sex in Advertising Really Sell?

Does sex in advertising really sell products? As consumers we are bombarded with messaging and many advertisers, trying to break through the clutter use sex as a marketing ploy. Think of all those beer and alcohol commercials and yes, even … Continue reading

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May the Force Be With You… on the Subway.

How does one promote a release of Blu-ray DVD set of Star Wars in Japan? Why not go as big as the saga itself? For example, take a few Tokyo subway trains and replace handrails with real-life lightsabers! Oh no, … Continue reading

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Playing Is Believing!

Definitely a believer in “Experiential Marketing,” but rarely see it done so well, and have such an effect as what I experienced in NYC. Was walking down Park Ave the other evening — a straight shot from Grand Central (Hint … Continue reading

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This Perfect Billboard Rocks…Occasionally

Beer billboards are commonplace, right? Well, Heineken Light found a way to turn an ordinary billboard into something extraordinary! A few weeks ago, Heineken placed a seemingly simple billboard in New York City with the copy “Occasionally Perfect” extending their … Continue reading

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Pudding Face :).

Having worked on the Jell-O Pudding business in Promotion at General Foods umpteen years ago (I must have at least one Shaker cup in my attic), I’m always curious to read about its marketing programs and how it continues to … Continue reading

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Gigantic Lady of the Lake Making a Splash.

German soap maker, Soap & Glory, is saying “thank you” to its consumers with a two-ton sculpture of a gigantic lady in Lake Alster. “We’ve been looking for a way to say, ‘Thank you!’ to everyone for embracing our products, … Continue reading

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