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Plum Organics Hopes That Sex Sells… In A Totally Different Way

Once again, organic baby food Plum Organics, proves it is not shy about pushing the envelope when it comes to lifestyle marketing activation — their latest TV spot actually encourages parents to have more sex! And right before Valentine’s Day … Continue reading

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Snicker’s Gets Real for Super Bowl

Someone once said that if the end of the world was announced, Americans would want to get a preview the day before. Super Bowl spots are kinda like that. I know that they cost so darn much that brands want … Continue reading

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Real Sponsorship Gold

Olympic sponsorship comes with a hefty price tag, so simply paying the sponsor fee and popping off a few ads just isn’t enough. In recent Olympics, the brands that have made an impact created a deep emotional connection with their … Continue reading

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How Far Is Too Far in Marketing?

Got the guts for a big (risky) idea? At a time when half the world is deeply concerned about sensitivity toward others, and the other half thinks the pandering goes totally too far, it poses an interesting creative challenge (opportunity?) … Continue reading

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So Smart Promo Stunt at the Emmys

Looks like even Emmy hosts are not exempt from promotional marketing stunts! Did you act on the “giveaway” of the supposedly active (it was!) HBO Now access code by Andy Samberg during the Emmys last night? A ton of folks … Continue reading

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The Next Generation of Infomercial: Entertainment Galore!

Say hello to the next generation of infomercial. Skittles has probably just produced one of the greatest infomercials of all time and it’s now airing on Evine Live. And wow! Has it gone viral! So what makes it a perfect … Continue reading

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Smart Thinking is On The Menu.

What do you get when you cross Extreme Makeover with the King of The Cooking Show? You get what’s On The Menu — a totally revolutionary execution of today’s darling, the cooking show!

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