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Frugal Couch Potato.

I admit, I’m quite addicted to TV and could not be more excited about the fall line-up. So my excitement grew when I learned about a new way to save 40% off at mega retailer Gap simply by sitting on … Continue reading

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Everything Old Is New Again, Or Not.

With the new Fall TV season upon us I am a bit surprised (OK, not really) that a significant number of new series for this season are well, not new at all. They are old. Old as in, like, not … Continue reading

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Poof! Get South Park’s Cheesy Poofs Before They are Gone.

Apparently, the main heros of a popular and hysterically twisted animated show called “South Park” LOVE their fictional snack – the Cheesy Poofs. So, to celebrate the show’s 15th anniversary, Comedy Central joined Frito-Lay to create an actual snack with … Continue reading

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Shazam me to Tahiti

OK, usually I tend to lean toward the ‘when is enough is enough’ side of technology taking over living. But this one is just pretty exciting to me, when I think of the amazing things that could be done! Shazam, … Continue reading

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Interactive Everything?

We all know that, in recent years, the boundaries between media and between media services have come crashing down, like the Berlin Wall in a new democracy. Consumers have ever-increasing choices about what they watch, listen to, read, communicate with, … Continue reading

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Ups AND Downs of Brand Identity.

Kirstie Alley is as real as it gets. Kirstie very publically puts herself out there with her weight issues, sometimes to a fault. There was that very brief failed television show, “The Fat Actress,” starring Kirstie that was really in … Continue reading

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When Two and a Half Equals Zero.

I guess Charlie Sheen thought he was invincible. Apparently, Charlie Sheen has been going ballistic ranting against almost everything from his new ex-wife to ex-presidents and then biting the hand that feeds him, the creators of my favorite guilty pleasure, … Continue reading

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