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Tax Day Marketing As Bad As The Day Itself?

Sound branding and marketing investment, or me-too junk? More brands than the usual H&R Block are jumping on the April Tax Day bandwagon this year. From a slew of offers for a “1040” asking price ($10.40 at Boston Market, $1040 … Continue reading

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Obsolescence. Not So Funny.

Hysterical NSFW bit on Last Week Tonight by HBO’s John Oliver on the demise of RadioShack®. But the issue at the heart of this sad “passing” isn’t quite so LOL.

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Don’t Squander Your Resources. Especially If You Can.

    At a time of year when we are all so conscious of wringing out every last penny of value from the resources we have, this TBS W.T.F.: FLOP really got to me.

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Return To Sender.

You’ve no doubt heard of Apple’s giveaway of U2’s latest album “Songs Of Innocence” and the controversy it caused. Apparently, even though everyone wants something for nothing, there are some people that don’t want it thrust upon them without their … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Crowdfunding!

Meet Ben Schlappig. Ben is a travel consultant and independent reviewer who travels over 300,000 miles per year and spends around 100 nights per year in hotels. Ben travels using his “points” to then provide independent reviews regarding the cheapest … Continue reading

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Office Max Big Brother Is Watching

In the quest to build more personal relationships with customers, Marketers are keen on collecting as much information about a person as possible. And this is a good thing for the most part, as it ensures we receive relevant communications … Continue reading

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Not For the Faint of Heart

Disclaimer: I am a big dog lover so I might be a little more biased than the average person. That said, I was relieved to see that others felt that a recent ad from Pearl Izumi was in as poor … Continue reading

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