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Don’t let the Door hit you on the way Out.

Email marketing is a great tool to target your audience with specific messaging presuming that they “subscribed” or allowed you to send them emails. Permission marketing is just that –having consumers ASK to be conversed with. Too often I have … Continue reading

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Weddings to Go. Really?

Okay, most of us are familiar with mobile food trucks, flower trucks, ice cream trucks, and even cigar trucks. But the latest truck I’ve run across is a “Mobile Matrimony” truck where you can get “betrothed in the back of … Continue reading

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When Drinking and Marketing don’t mix.

This didn’t go down so well either. Not really sure this needs much commentary beyond “what the heck were they thinking?”  We all know and expect liquor advertising to push the envelope on being edgy and sexy, but this ad … Continue reading

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Forward thinking or back?

Okay, so everyone has heard of “The Man Cave”— you know, the place where poor men have to run and escape their horrible wives, kids and or lives. Well, now it seems The Man Cave has taken on wheels. “The … Continue reading

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To be heard, or not to be heard.

Chapstick’s tagline “On Everyone’s Lips” took on a whole new meaning this past week. In support of the brand campaign “Where Do Lost Chapsticks Go?” Chapstick encouraged people to “Be Heard” and relay their own lost Chapstick tale on Facebook. … Continue reading

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T-Shirt Deja Vu

A few weeks back JC Penney caused quite a stir with their T-shirts that read “I’m too pretty to do my homework so my brother does it for me.” As one might imagine happening, there were cries of sexism over … Continue reading

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A Match Made in… Only A Marketer’s Mind

OK, I get borrowed interest. I get rub-off effect. But this one’s just silly. Glamour magazine and Krispy Kreme donuts? Apparently so in the UK. Yup, “specialty” donuts to be sold at Tesco with strawberry and orange “Glamour glaze” on … Continue reading

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