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Getting Personal.

Big brands are making it personal. Coca-Cola introduced personal cans last year with consumer’s names and even fun labels such as “Wingman”, “Friend” and “Mom” as part of their successful “Share a Coke” campaign. Other brands quickly began following suit … Continue reading

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Can Wheaties Leverage Their Brand Equity from Cereal to Beer?

Can a brand name best known as “Breakfast of Champions” now be translated to beer? General Mills Wheaties thinks so and has teamed up with a nearby craft brewery in Minneapolis to create a limited-edition Hefeweizen beer, called HefeWheaties.

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Healthy Brands Can Still Be Hip

Think about the last ad you saw for a good-for-you brand. It probably focused on the nutritional benefits of the product, right? Cravendale Milk in the UK follows the successful lead of the U.S. “GOT MILK” campaign, and takes possibly … Continue reading

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Bud Light, Just Say No.

Oh boy. Bud Light’s #UpforWhatever campaign is in trouble again. What started out as a fun, youthful, lighthearted campaign to encourage spontaneity, now in its second year, looks like it’s missing the mark with women, the target market they are … Continue reading

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Little State, Big Splash Marketing

As “Where are my receipts?” Tax Season gains its final head of steam, thought it only fitting to showcase this clever bit of local marketing, where Intuit (the makers of online tax software for tax preparers) partnered with Providence, Rhode … Continue reading

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A Social Sharing App Now Delivers Drinks

“Can I buy you a drink?” Whether as a pick up line, a congratulatory gesture, an act of  celebration, or for a million other reasons, it’s a question asked and answered over and over every day. So champagne giant, Moet … Continue reading

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Testing — Knowing When to Fold is Bold.

Every marketer knows the time, money and effort it takes in planning and producing a major new ad campaign. But it takes the very brave marketer to know the angst and turmoil to pull a campaign even before it starts … Continue reading

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