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Is Coca-Cola’s stance on obesity the Real Thing?

Coke recently revealed its latest ad campaign, tackling the “big” subject of obesity, calling it “The issue of this generation.” Coke says that they can play an important role in the fight against obesity, making the following positive changes: • … Continue reading

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Saving Mother Earth for $1.00

Last month I wrote about Starbucks but it wasn’t exactly a glowing post, as their $450.00 gift card seemed like (and still seems like) a ridiculous and elitist idea.  This month though, I find myself applauding Starbucks and their environmental … Continue reading

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Absolute Artistry

Since 1986 with Andy Warhol, Absolut Vodka has entertained us with their award winning iconic imagery. Wondering how they could ever outdo themselves, they’ve gone and done it again… in an amazingly artistic way! Overshadowed by the “Absolute Unique” project … Continue reading

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A Really “Cool” Idea!

Love those crazy international creatives. Just when you thought you’ve seen every possible type of “guerilla” outdoor/event executions, here comes a new one. At broiling hot Brazilian and Israeli beaches, Sprite has come to the rescue of sweltering sun worshippers … Continue reading

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Tea for Tweet?

Do you tweet? I don’t, yet. But maybe that’s about to change. What if you could tweet to get a free product? One South African tea company introduced a vending machine that actually gives away free samples of iced tea … Continue reading

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Now that’s knowing your audience!

By now, it’s clear I am a fan of marketing that is so simple, so intuitive, it says everything it needs to by its sheer existence. So how much simpler could the Bull and Bear Steakhouse in the Waldorf-Astoria (NYC) … Continue reading

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Ahhhh, the power of simple design.

Just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to thank those clients that are confident enough to love simple, cool, and strong design, with a touch of humor. You don’t have to be a big client with a big agency to have … Continue reading

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