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How to Make Sex Sell Well

Ordinarily, I cringe when I see sex jokes or a “sex sells” approach in marketing. So often the effort ends up being crass and totally in the gutter. Enter the Banana Bunker on Groupon’s Facebook page and I was reminded … Continue reading

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Cause Marketing — Is It Really In Your DNA?

With so many companies supporting high profile and “popular” charities, I often wonder if their support is genuine or just a move to gain visibility and goodwill? IKEA, popular maker of well-functioning, affordable furniture for the masses, seems to be … Continue reading

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Gutsy Enough to Change the Status Quo?

It takes a strong, gutsy, and smart Marketer to challenge the status quo, even when it’s right. Kudos to Hefty and their Ultimate™ Cups for redefining the “Mom” demographic in their hysterical, new #PARTYHARDMOMS Campaign! These videos speak for themselves. … Continue reading

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The Unbelievable Power of a Happy Customer

It’s a simple story. Online apparel start-up American Giant was ramping up production, when a positive review of their signature hoodie on caused a viral sensation and depleted all of their stock. All of it. So they hustled to open … Continue reading

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Creativity On Tap

See how rigging up an interactive beer tap to a cell phone and a selfie, worked to get Carlsberg Beer trending big time! #barbandits slot machine-style beer giveaway turned the media into the message — and that message was trendy, … Continue reading

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Honesty Gone To The Dogs?

You can mess with the amount of sugar that’s actually in my breakfast cereal, hide a little xanthan gum in my sandwich bread. But don’t you mess with what I feed my pet. Just don’t.

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Return To Sender.

You’ve no doubt heard of Apple’s giveaway of U2’s latest album “Songs Of Innocence” and the controversy it caused. Apparently, even though everyone wants something for nothing, there are some people that don’t want it thrust upon them without their … Continue reading

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