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Hooray for Success and Stuff…?

As I took in the Olympics over the past two weeks, I couldn’t help but watch the commercial for GM’s Cadillac ELR — from beginning to end, every single time it ran. An actor who you know you’ve seen somewhere, … Continue reading

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The Great Barbie-Heidi Klum Controversy

What could take Adland and the Blogosphere’s attention away from the Olympics, even for a moment? Appears the culprits are Sports Illustrated and… Barbie! In a controversial tie-in only a fellow Marketer could appreciate, seems Mattel’s Barbie has ruffled a … Continue reading

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Get Real.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day… aerie, American Eagle’s lingerie offering, is sending young women the message to “love the real you” and  jumping on the “Real Movement” bandwagon with the usage of advertising photos that have not been “retouched.” … Continue reading

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Office Max Big Brother Is Watching

In the quest to build more personal relationships with customers, Marketers are keen on collecting as much information about a person as possible. And this is a good thing for the most part, as it ensures we receive relevant communications … Continue reading

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Going to the Olympics? Please Pass the Toilet Paper.

The XXII Winter Olympic Games in Russia is upon us. But what is making news among spectators is not the athletes but the toilets!  And the fury is fueled by the ~$50 billion price tag, which make the Sochi games … Continue reading

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Social Media at Work… No really.

WOW! I have always said my dream job would be New Product Development at Ben & Jerry’s. I’ve always loved the clever risks they’ve taken with flavor names affiliated with Jerry Garcia, Phish and Willie Nelson. But I think my … Continue reading

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Now That’s Holiday Spirit!

Classic brand. Classic holiday. So last thing you want is classic advertising (like those car ads with the red bows!) And the Baileys Irish Cream brand seems to get that this season. In an enchanting (albeit a tad long winded) … Continue reading

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