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Station to Station- Art Travels!

Station To Station: A Nomadic Happening from Station to Station on Vimeo. Wow! Leave it to Virgin Atlantic to be on the edge of something new and creative! They’ve managed to take a cargo train and transform it into a … Continue reading

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The Big Wendy’s Logo Caper

Is this really what takes up our news media? Wendy’s being accused of  hiding subliminal messaging in their new revamped logo? I laughed when I first heard about it, but then after reading an Huffington Post article  that showed a … Continue reading

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Go Kings!

After a crushing loss to the Chicago Blackhawks in Double Overtime on Saturday night, the LA Kings sent out the obligatory congratulations tweet from the team’s Twitter account. The tweet that then followed couldn’t have summed it up better.  A … Continue reading

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Wonderfilled Indeed

This is how you do an ad campaign. I was charmed last night by the new Oreo “Wonderfilled” campaign, a catchy little ditty by the band Owl City, lyrics that not only provide some clever rhymes with “Oreo” but also … Continue reading

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Can Don’t?

How perfect given we are facing the start of summer, and a highly unofficial beer-drinking season! Starting May 6th, Budweiser was available in a new “Bow-Tie-Shaped” can. Harkening back to their iconic bow tie logo, it looks kind of cute … Continue reading

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“Fast” Fashion

This spring Victoria’s Secret is debuting a new product line called “Bright Young Things.”  This line features underwear with phrases such as “Dare You,” “Feeling Lucky,” and “Call Me.” A spokesperson for Limited Brands provided an explanation as to why … Continue reading

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Lessons in Logos

The Miami Dolphins are about to unveil their new team logo, and since I am not a fan of the team, I am not sure why I care. But I do. As recently as last season, watching Miami play my … Continue reading

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