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Socks Don’t Stink This Holiday. So Have A Good One!

Feeling the love for the holidays this year — as a result of who we hung out with. We decided to showcase an Austin organization called Mitscoots, a purveyor of  “Gear with a Mission.” For every piece of Made-in-America wear … Continue reading

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Godiva’s Creativity Multiplies

  It’s not very often a single gift can encourage so many acts of giving. But this season, Godiva managed to do just that, with a little creativity. Think “whimsical Russian nesting doll containers” meets “decadent Belgian confections”. The first … Continue reading

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Girl Scouts, Marijuana and Trump. Oh My!

There is really nothing more to say about this year’s crop of Marketer of The Year runner-up honorees than “Read their stories and learn!” Crowning Netflix with Marketer of The Year top honors was great enough. But this year’s runners-up … Continue reading

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H&M, Wes Anderson and Nostalgia Work Together

A charming little holiday film from H&M, done as only quirky director Wes Anderson could do it. “Come Together” has everything fans (and critics) have come to expect from Mr. Anderson: long tracking shots, symmetry, quirky dialog, Adrian Brody. As … Continue reading

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Starbucks Brings Back Christmas

Every holiday season since 1997, Starbucks has served its customers coffee in cups uniquely decorated with traditional symbols of Christmas. Warm, holidays, makes sense. Last year when Starbucks introduced its plain red cup, it was met with some very unexpected … Continue reading

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Sincerely Celebratory, Not Self Serving

As Cubs fans recently breathed perhaps the biggest sigh of relief the sports world’s ever, it’s no surprise brands wanted to join in on the monumental celebration. But with the spontaneity of social media, it’s too easy to post or … Continue reading

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Weight Watchers: When Good Ideas Go Bad

So, the idea of loving yourself no matter what your size or shape — and allowing your sex partner to do so as well — is certainly laudable. Dove has received accolades for years for this very same sentiment. But … Continue reading

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