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Holiday Shopping on YouTube?

You may be if their recent Awesome Stuff Week (from October this year) takes hold. And if the shoppable ads being pitched resonate with brand marketers. Concept is pretty simple: Take one YouTube video star, plunk them (authentically!) into  one … Continue reading

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A Modern Partnership Made in Heaven

I’ll admit it, I’m a bit of a space and science geek. So this partnership had me from the start. But for the millions of others not engaged in space science — especially the younger generations — what a great … Continue reading

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So Smart Promo Stunt at the Emmys

Looks like even Emmy hosts are not exempt from promotional marketing stunts! Did you act on the “giveaway” of the supposedly active (it was!) HBO Now access code by Andy Samberg during the Emmys last night? A ton of folks … Continue reading

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The Next Generation of Infomercial: Entertainment Galore!

Say hello to the next generation of infomercial. Skittles has probably just produced one of the greatest infomercials of all time and it’s now airing on Evine Live. And wow! Has it gone viral! So what makes it a perfect … Continue reading

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Magic Mike XXL’s Amusing New Promo

Full disclosure: when he first came on the scene, I thought Channing Tatum was just another handsome, muscular lunk-head actor that folks seemed to swoon over. But having seen a few of his comedies since then, I have to admit, he’s … Continue reading

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Can You Copy Viral Success?

Is the Twizzler Challenge the next biggest philanthropic initiative? The Twizzler Challenge (#TwizzlerChallenge) — created by chance, not a Marketing Department — dares two people to share a single Twizzler from the opposite ends and meet in the middle for a … Continue reading

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When is clever too clever?

All for the more cerebral approach to advertising. And especially in the automotive industry, where one car zooming around the curves on the Pacific Coast Highway looks pretty much like the next. But did Cadillac go too far down the … Continue reading

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