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This just in…Makeup Ads Misleading! (Say it isn’t so)

A British watchdog group has upheld complaints against L’ Oréal after a member of Parliament claimed they used digital manipulation to mislead consumers. The 2 ads, one for Maybelline featuring someone purported to be Christy Turlington (who looks nothing like … Continue reading

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Greenpeace Hijacks Ken.

Greenpeace has hijacked Mattel’s Ken as a spokesperson for its recent campaign against corporate participation in rainforest destruction. More than 180,000 people viewed a spoof video of Ken breaking up with Barbie over rain forest destruction. The video, featured on various … Continue reading

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Fan Fever Now A Full Time Job…Home Run for the Team!

Back in late February with Opening Day just 8 weeks away the Cubs longtime PA announcer decided to take another job elsewhere. Rather than quickly scrambling to hire a “professional,” the Cubs turned to one of their biggest assets, their … Continue reading

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Hitting a Homerun.

Being a huge fan of baseball, especially the 27-time-World-Series-Champion New York Yankees, a recent promotion by Bank of America caught my eye. As part of it’s sponsorship of Major League Baseball, BOA hired Yankees outfielder and mega-personality Nick Swisher to … Continue reading

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Gilbert Gott Fired.

After a series of jokes about the disaster in Japan sent out through his Twitter account, Gilbert Gottfried has been fired as the voice of the Aflac duck. He has issued this apology: “I sincerely apologize to anyone who was … Continue reading

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A Royal Sweepstakes?

I admit, I am a total groupie for all things British Royal, being introduced to the “repositioned brand” through Princess Diana over the years of her public life. Followed every detail and “scoop” as if it were my own family … Continue reading

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Catch more flies with sugar?

OK, like everyone else, I just have to comment on the American Idol attempted “relaunch.” Could the show survive the loss of the mega-watt personality judges? For me (while “old” and not exactly the demo they are looking for, I … Continue reading

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