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Purple Marketing Tributes Rain Down

Sad news in the world of music yet again (what IS it with musicians lately?) Being a long-standing fan of Prince myself, I was curious to see how the media and marketers were going to handle this latest tragedy. So … Continue reading

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Mickey D’s Creates VR Happy Meals

You may have heard about, or even experienced, the wonders of today’s Virtual Reality headsets. To Boomers like myself, they are more than just an update to the View-Master® of our childhood (which themselves are quite a bit more than … Continue reading

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Holiday Shopping on YouTube?

You may be if their recent Awesome Stuff Week (from October this year) takes hold. And if the shoppable ads being pitched resonate with brand marketers. Concept is pretty simple: Take one YouTube video star, plunk them (authentically!) into  one … Continue reading

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The Power of a Product Demo

“Hard horse further covered the tomato fruit.” Does the phrase mean anything to you? Fortunately for Elan Languages, a little known online translation tool, this silly set of directions (and more!) in a translated cooking video, helped to seriously showcase its … Continue reading

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Authentic Before Trendy

The highlight of my day is when I see a new Instagram post from Socality Barbie, the parody account that mocks “That Girl” and her ever-hipster life that is totally way better than your life. Her posts are filled with … Continue reading

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Quaker Taps Real People, Real Emotion for a Big Win

Goodness Starts Today. That’s the message of Quaker Canada’s recent YouTube hit video. But instead of focusing on the nutritional properties of this good-for-you brand’s products, the video tugs at the heartstrings of the viewer with a real-life dad and … Continue reading

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Dare You Not To Feel.

Please watch both of these videos. They are so good and more than worth the incredibly short investment in time. Why am I in love with these?

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