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One Too Many This St. Patrick’s Day?

Apparently this was the case for Guinness – their St. Patrick’s Day ads in Canada featured a four-leaf clover instead of a shamrock. Now, legend has it that St. Patrick used the shamrock to demonstrate the concept of The Trinity … Continue reading

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Marketing Lesson from Barbie… Again?

Once again, American Fashion Icon, Barbie, spotlights some of the marketing challenges faced by a mature brand trying to maintain relevance in a rapidly changing world. From the first African American “Barbie” in the late 60’s (who wasn’t named Barbie … Continue reading

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How To Win Your Fans Back After Adversity

We always talk about the marketing challenges and hurdles to “getting people to do the stuff you need them to do.” Well, after their recent outbreaks of E.Coli, Salmonella and norovirus, fast casual dining sensation, Chipotle Mexican Grill has one … Continue reading

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Break A Bond, Break A Brand?

No sooner did 2015 end with a Forbes list of the best, most disruptive brands, than “#1 Disrupter”, UBER takes the heat big time for their now-you’ve-finally-gone-too-far surge pricing on New Year’s Eve. Anyone familiar with Uber knows that when … Continue reading

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Can a Nice Brand Be Naughty and Win?

Year after year we welcome holiday ads that tug at our heartstrings and bring tears to our eyes. Most reinforce the true meaning of the season – warmth, cheer, generosity, and sincerity. For that one media-driven moment, viewers pause and … Continue reading

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How Far Is Too Far in Marketing?

Got the guts for a big (risky) idea? At a time when half the world is deeply concerned about sensitivity toward others, and the other half thinks the pandering goes totally too far, it poses an interesting creative challenge (opportunity?) … Continue reading

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Brands Having Sass With Class

Long the punching bag of Jon Stewart, one would think Arby’s would have been quietly doing the happy dance come Jon’s last show. Certainly wouldn’t have been bothered to say good-bye to him. Fortunately, they did just the opposite and created … Continue reading

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