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The Write Stuff.

Since we’re in the business of communication, I read with interest an article in the New York Times regarding the ongoing debate about the teaching of cursive handwriting in elementary schools. Common Core standards, adopted now by most U.S. states, … Continue reading

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New Media: The Birth of Dronevertising?

From videography to crop monitoring and even pizza delivery… like ‘em or hate ‘em, the use of commercial drones is on the rise. And now some local merchants in Philadelphia just bought into their latest use: Advertising. DroneCast, the inception … Continue reading

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Which Car is YOU? … Na, me either.

If you remember the somewhat controversial Olympics in Russia, you may also have noticed a TV spot for Cadillac that was aired during the games. (We actually blogged about it on Feb 24th. How prescient!) It seemed to stir a … Continue reading

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Banning Bossy.

As a female, have you ever been called the dreaded b-word…”Bossy”? Well, Sheryl Sandberg, the Chief Operating Officer of Facebook and author of the best-selling book “Lean In,” has launched a national campaign to ban this word, claiming it discourages girls … Continue reading

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How Not to Be a Glasshole

Google Glass was launched last July, but seems that now Google feels the need to define some “Google Glass Etiquette,” releasing a list of some pretty funny rules for their “Google Glass Explorers” to follow (leaving room for even more … Continue reading

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The Great Barbie-Heidi Klum Controversy

What could take Adland and the Blogosphere’s attention away from the Olympics, even for a moment? Appears the culprits are Sports Illustrated and… Barbie! In a controversial tie-in only a fellow Marketer could appreciate, seems Mattel’s Barbie has ruffled a … Continue reading

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Office Max Big Brother Is Watching

In the quest to build more personal relationships with customers, Marketers are keen on collecting as much information about a person as possible. And this is a good thing for the most part, as it ensures we receive relevant communications … Continue reading

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