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Trends With Benefits

How can a tiny little ice cream shop in the small town of Bethel, CT go from months of lukewarm success to suddenly quadrupling their business practically overnight — in the middle of winter no less? The internet. Frustrated with … Continue reading

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Plum Organics Hopes That Sex Sells… In A Totally Different Way

Once again, organic baby food Plum Organics, proves it is not shy about pushing the envelope when it comes to lifestyle marketing activation — their latest TV spot actually encourages parents to have more sex! And right before Valentine’s Day … Continue reading

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Snicker’s Gets Real for Super Bowl

Someone once said that if the end of the world was announced, Americans would want to get a preview the day before. Super Bowl spots are kinda like that. I know that they cost so darn much that brands want … Continue reading

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Bad $$$es Welcome

When planning business travel calendars, most hope to get in a little warm weather indulgence during bleak winter months. “Educational” Conferences in Palm Springs, Miami, and Scottsdale are pretty popular right about now. But what do you do if you … Continue reading

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Godiva’s Creativity Multiplies

  It’s not very often a single gift can encourage so many acts of giving. But this season, Godiva managed to do just that, with a little creativity. Think “whimsical Russian nesting doll containers” meets “decadent Belgian confections”. The first … Continue reading

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Girl Scouts, Marijuana and Trump. Oh My!

There is really nothing more to say about this year’s crop of Marketer of The Year runner-up honorees than “Read their stories and learn!” Crowning Netflix with Marketer of The Year top honors was great enough. But this year’s runners-up … Continue reading

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Starbucks Brings Back Christmas

Every holiday season since 1997, Starbucks has served its customers coffee in cups uniquely decorated with traditional symbols of Christmas. Warm, holidays, makes sense. Last year when Starbucks introduced its plain red cup, it was met with some very unexpected … Continue reading

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