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Lean Cuisine Disses The Word “Diet” and Tries to Do Some Good

Well this actually is a novel way to start the year. Lean Cuisine is the latest “good for you” brand (AKA: Diet Food) that has decided it’s time to “change the ‘diet’ conversation into a force for good.” (Let’s pretend … Continue reading

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25 of The Most Disruptive Brands of 2015

Always known, I hope, as one who constantly pushes to challenge the old cliches in Marketing, rethink the rules and reimagine new solutions, (and not always appreciated for it!) this recent list of 25 of The Most Disruptive Brands has … Continue reading

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Oreo Gets Creative With Their Brand, Again

So our friends at Oreo are pushing the boundaries of branding once again, proving that a solid, well-defined brand can extend itself in almost limitless ways — this time, somehow creatively meshing the old-is-new again resurgence of “adult” coloring with … Continue reading

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Branding Through Customer Service

Holiday season. Travel nightmares.  Everybody hating the airlines and each other. Right? A recent business trip showed me that it doesn’t have to be that way, and that brands can create a lasting impression (and loyalty) with just a little … Continue reading

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The Power of a Product Demo

“Hard horse further covered the tomato fruit.” Does the phrase mean anything to you? Fortunately for Elan Languages, a little known online translation tool, this silly set of directions (and more!) in a translated cooking video, helped to seriously showcase its … Continue reading

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Getting Personal.

Big brands are making it personal. Coca-Cola introduced personal cans last year with consumer’s names and even fun labels such as “Wingman”, “Friend” and “Mom” as part of their successful “Share a Coke” campaign. Other brands quickly began following suit … Continue reading

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So Smart Promo Stunt at the Emmys

Looks like even Emmy hosts are not exempt from promotional marketing stunts! Did you act on the “giveaway” of the supposedly active (it was!) HBO Now access code by Andy Samberg during the Emmys last night? A ton of folks … Continue reading

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