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The Ultimate Customer Service Pays Off

Returning an item to a store or online retailer is typically a non-event and not something most of us bother to talk about. But a recent return attempt to Zulily proved to be quite the opposite. One call to Zulily’s … Continue reading

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How To Win Your Fans Back After Adversity

We always talk about the marketing challenges and hurdles to “getting people to do the stuff you need them to do.” Well, after their recent outbreaks of E.Coli, Salmonella and norovirus, fast casual dining sensation, Chipotle Mexican Grill has one … Continue reading

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Branding Through Customer Service

Holiday season. Travel nightmares.  Everybody hating the airlines and each other. Right? A recent business trip showed me that it doesn’t have to be that way, and that brands can create a lasting impression (and loyalty) with just a little … Continue reading

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Maybe If It Carried My Bags to the Car?

Cool or creepy… or just plain scary if you are a Lowe’s associate. Lowe’s is testing multilingual robots just before the holidays to help out with customer service at one of its subsidiary hardware stores in San Jose, . The 5-foot-tall robots, … Continue reading

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Pedal Smarter.

Smart Phones. Smart Cars. Even Smart Refrigerators. So what’s next? How about a Smart Bike? Just how smart can a bike be? Very smart if you are in Copenhagen. The city to first jump on bike-share wave in the nineties … Continue reading

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Customer Still King.

Imagine a hotel that has so many effusively glowing reviews that it actually has jumped in rankings to the #1 spot in TripAdvisor’s review algorithm– for the country it resides in AND is ranked in the top 25 hotels in … Continue reading

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The Friendly Skies Again

The airline business is certainly pretty competitive, with everyone’s goal of being “on time” one of THE biggest contributing factors — to not only customer satisfaction, but to employee performance ratings as well.  And getting out on time is followed … Continue reading

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