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No more getting lost in Aisle 6

I am not big on navigating inside large stores or malls. There are a few Home Depots in my area that I am pretty familiar with, and can find my way through the old fashioned way. But what if you … Continue reading

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American Retail Idol.

Think you have a novel innovation ready for prime time? Now is your chance. Get ready for a new reality go-to-market strategy brought to you by Walmart. @WalmartLabs, the digital technology division of the world’s largest retailer, recently launched a contest … Continue reading

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Living in the Facebook Timeline Fish Bowl.

Have you tried the new Facebook timeline yet? The new Facebook timeline is here but before you hit the “Get Timeline” button ask yourself just one question: Do you like living in a fish bowl? Because once you hit that … Continue reading

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Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks.

Kudos to a brave step recently taken by Ladies Home Journal, or should I say Ladies Home JOURNAL? Starting with their March issue, they will be showcasing much (how much?) of their content crowdsourced. Getting content directly uploaded from readers, … Continue reading

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Can you please pass the Gravy?

Holidays are the times we want/must spend with friends and family. Unfortunately (or not) life scatters us around the world. Now, the talented folks of Wieden & Kennedy have developed a virtual holiday table that allows you to share a … Continue reading

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Coke’s White Christmas… Should’ve been Dreaming in Red!

Oops. Once again, an over-zealous quest to be “bold and attention-grabbing,” a marketer (a BIG ONE) didn’t keep how real people might perceive things front and center. Coke’s current “oops” with its White Christmas, WHITE WWF/ “Save the Polar Bear’s … Continue reading

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Fighting Back with the Power of Social Media.

Recently when Bank of America began implementing monthly fees to debit card holders, a 22 year-old recent college graduate decided to fight back. Molly Katchpole of Washington DC was so mad she started an on line petition and got 300,000 … Continue reading

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