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A Pedal-Pushing Promo

OK, now this is a call-to-action!  Fitness-oriented brand, Activate®, a California-based beverage company (but of course), came up with a very cool promotion for their vending machines. They are giving away free drinks to people who jump on the attached … Continue reading

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Pudding Face :).

Having worked on the Jell-O Pudding business in Promotion at General Foods umpteen years ago (I must have at least one Shaker cup in my attic), I’m always curious to read about its marketing programs and how it continues to … Continue reading

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Pop-up Retail goes to the beach.

Hip Swedish clothing retailer, H&M brought their store to the beach last week to benefit the global charity WaterAid . In previous years, H&M had created a variety of exclusive beachwear and a portion of the proceeds were donated to … Continue reading

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Bring on the heat!

So, as we experience 2011’s first heat wave, Ben & Jerry’s is extending their 2010 Free Ice Cream tour. Here’s the “scoop”:  this summer, B&J’s Ice Cream trucks will be cruising through Los Angeles, Miami, New York and San Francisco. … Continue reading

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Showing Off Pays Off

As we head into the final month of school for many students, I found this pretty topical. I recently attended a student art show in NYC, sponsored by Pratt Institute, one of the country’s premiere schools for art, design and … Continue reading

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The ‘Audace’ of Those French!

Challenge: how to convince the pre-flight-buying public that airline food doesn’t have to suck, and specifically that your doesn’t. Solution: (HINT- you won’t find it on any airplane.) And so lives another great example of using the hot hot ‘food … Continue reading

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A Shrink and a Chardonnay

Every industry has to constantly redefine itself to keep growing… how intuitive is this example: A company in England has launched Shrink Parties, get-togethers for women — either at home at specified venues — where a dose of legitimate psychotherapy … Continue reading

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