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Almost Shipped My Own Pants

All I can say is, this video is why I love my profession so much. K-Mart’s *ginormous* viral video hit is the peak of perfect for me. Pushing the edge, hysterical, simple, memorable, and even based in a “product feature” … Continue reading

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“Fast” Fashion

This spring Victoria’s Secret is debuting a new product line called “Bright Young Things.”  This line features underwear with phrases such as “Dare You,” “Feeling Lucky,” and “Call Me.” A spokesperson for Limited Brands provided an explanation as to why … Continue reading

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Naughty or Nice?

Urban Outfitters is definitely skating onto the naughty list this year with their obscenity gifts being offered by this retailer which are really p—–g off parents but good. Urban Outfitters is trying to be edgy and appeal to Gen Y … Continue reading

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Geek Chic for the Holidays

How many times do you come across a product and say to yourself….Ahhhh why didn’t I think of that?? How cool is this design? Scandinavian Etsy designer bynordivik has designed a USB stick leather braided bracelet with a hidden USB. … Continue reading

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Bahumbizzle or Bahumfizzle?

The 2012 Adidas Holiday Campaign is getting a lot of press.  And, I have to agree, it gets high marks as a clever, integrated campaign. It has it all: — Great teaser miniseries of *Ebenezer Snoop* starring big names (former … Continue reading

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Give Me Liberty, Or Give Me Denim.

I imagine that many American shoppers have been lamenting the ever-dwindling presence of goods made in the USA in recent decades. I know I have. So, I was glad to hear that a new clothing line, 1791 Supply and Co., … Continue reading

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Be the Change.

Two months ago, 14-year old Julia Bluhm was tired of hearing her ballet classmates constantly negatively complain about their bodies. She was tired of hearing her friends describe themselves as “having a FAT day.” She decided to do something about … Continue reading

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