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Rocking out on a Hog.

If you are a Harley rider, your Born to Be Wild image just got better! Now you can rock out and ride with the new DashLink from Hell’s Foundry. The DashLink replaces the stock fuel tank console on your Harley-Davidson … Continue reading

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I’ll Have a T-shirt with My Gum, Please.

Whoa! Doritos and pretzels at 3PM just got trumped. It seems a vending machine company called Innovative Vending Solutions (IVS), actually set up a vending machine for the Hyundai Kia Automotive Group to sell a new line of its Kia … Continue reading

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Virtual Speeding Ticket?

I just saw a new car commercial that made me both excited and mad. Excited because it showed a uniquely innovative idea, and mad because it helped perpetuate a creative reality of car advertising that has driven me nuts forever. … Continue reading

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