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The Italian Job.

I am in the middle of a small weekend remodeling project. As I got tired, my Mac came in handy for some rest and recharging (what else is there?). Somehow, I end up on Google search results page for an, … Continue reading

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Car Advertising Turned Upside Down!

Wait — you might want to watch the commercial first! Okay, now you can read on. And if you’re like me, for the first 30 seconds, you were probably thinking, “…where is this going?” But still I was anxiously awaiting … Continue reading

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Saving The Drive-In

Okay, when’s the last time you were at a drive-in movie? Even if it was just this past summer, it might be the last time ever. That is, unless Honda’s Project Drive-In has something to say about it. There are … Continue reading

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Volvo’s Hampster Put to The Test

  Maybe Volvo thought that if Kia could have a raging success with a rodent, so could they? Or maybe they wanted to shake their image as a safe/boring auto maker that had “stuck” with them for decades? But here’s … Continue reading

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Whole new kind of Traveling Salesman

Today, seems like there’s a new form of fancy advertising being touted every day. But for me, good old-fashioned “word of mouth” works best. Learning about a product from someone with real credibility is the best way for me to … Continue reading

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Simplicity Trumps Technology

With all of the complex technologies running our lives today, this simple solution for helping motorists find empty parking spaces in South Korea struck me as a terrific lesson in the less-is-more philosophy. Developed by an ad agency for their … Continue reading

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My Workaholic Dream Come True

Yes, I work non-stop. At the office, but also at home, on vacation (where I am now), and yes, even (especially) in my car. With a ridiculously frustrating up to 2 hr commute each way (for 17 hwy miles!) to … Continue reading

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