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Jaguar, The Copy Cat

The latest TV spot for a sexy Jag F-Type is here, featuring, equally sexy, Damian Lewis behind the wheel. You, probably, know him from the popular Showtime series the Homeland. Another great screen name is also behind the camera— Sir … Continue reading

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Sound the Creativity Alarm, Maybe.

I LOVED these BGH microwave ads so much I couldn’t stand it! Grinning from one little “I love good marketing” ear to to the other. Played all 3 ads and never lost interest. Brilliant integration of advertising, promotion, strategic partnership … Continue reading

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Well-placed indeed!

I wouldn’t normally feel compelled to weigh in on The Honey Boo Boo phenomenon. I think it’s all been pretty well exposed by the media as yet another tediously unwatchable example of a certain segment of the population playing up … Continue reading

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Not So Green Afterall

Last week I received a copy of Restoration Hardware’s Source Book — RH issues it two times per year. Weighing in at well over five pounds this Source Book is more like the old yellow pages than a catalog. My … Continue reading

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When To Stop

Here’s another TV spot that gets its point across clearly, and makes me smile every time I see it. This :30 for the Nissan Altima Tire Pressure Notification System is intriguing on first viewing (what is going on here exactly?) … Continue reading

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Snob Appeal

You can’t grow up in Fairfield County Connecticut without realizing that there are quite a few wealthy people here. Two current TV spots from New Country Audi of Greenwich show that reality in the most cringe-inducing fashion I have ever … Continue reading

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Mini Minis Worth Gold

Watching the Olympics daily? Did you catch Sunday’s (6/5) Track & Field competition from the Olympic Stadium? You may not have noticed a little action behind some spectacular events, (including Usein Bolt’s 2nd Olympic Gold in 100 m race), but … Continue reading

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