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Dueling Rapping CEO’s.

How fun! CE-YO Gary Hirshberg, of Stonyfield Farm, and CEO Seth Goldman, from Coca-Cola’s Honest Tea, are dueling rappers to promote organics for Earth month. Hirshberg and the “Stonyfield Moms” created a rap video about eating organic. Not to be … Continue reading

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Mom, can I get braces… pleeease! I need a new iPod.

I was talking to a friend the other day and was surprised when she told me her daughter had just requested her first orthodontist appointment. What? Yup, she actually asked if she could go to the orthodontist! Not because she … Continue reading

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Ups AND Downs of Brand Identity.

Kirstie Alley is as real as it gets. Kirstie very publically puts herself out there with her weight issues, sometimes to a fault. There was that very brief failed television show, “The Fat Actress,” starring Kirstie that was really in … Continue reading

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Not a moment too early!

Check this out: This stroke of brilliance comes from a Massachusetts industrial designer John Mosher and promises not only only to effortlessly remove the tons of snow that happen to be covering most of the Northeast, BUT also to save … Continue reading

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Real People, Unreal Results

There are so many quick fit solutions on the market, you have got to wonder… who believes this stuff, and more importantly who buys this stuff?  Many consumers still look for the “magic bullet” when it comes to beauty and … Continue reading

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Easy Way Out.

I’m no fitness freak but I know I have to exercise and take care of myself (even though I really don’t feel like it sometimes). Like many “30-40 something” consumers, I’m always open to anything that seems like it will … Continue reading

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