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Trends With Benefits

How can a tiny little ice cream shop in the small town of Bethel, CT go from months of lukewarm success to suddenly quadrupling their business practically overnight — in the middle of winter no less? The internet. Frustrated with … Continue reading

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Godiva’s Creativity Multiplies

  It’s not very often a single gift can encourage so many acts of giving. But this season, Godiva managed to do just that, with a little creativity. Think “whimsical Russian nesting doll containers” meets “decadent Belgian confections”. The first … Continue reading

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Today’s HR- Recruiting Through Snapchat

We’ve heard stories about someone losing their job over an “oops” on Snapchat. But, seems like more and more today,’modern’ companies are encouraging job applicants to use Snapchat to apply for open positions. Cue Everlane, trendy online clothing retailer. The … Continue reading

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Can Dyson Revolutionize Hair Care, Too?

A $400 hairdryer. Beauty appliance manufacturers may say it’s crazy. That there is a ceiling on what women will pay for such products. But this is a Dyson brand. Known for revolutionizing categories that lacked technological innovation and excitement (think … Continue reading

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Gatorade: The Science of Re-Branding

Well, it wouldn’t be a Gatorade ad without showcasing a world-class athlete, now would it? Yet while the brand’s new campaign, Your Game Is Our Lab, continues to feature some of the biggies, like track Olympian Usain Bolt, NFL defensive … Continue reading

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Marketing Lesson from Barbie… Again?

Once again, American Fashion Icon, Barbie, spotlights some of the marketing challenges faced by a mature brand trying to maintain relevance in a rapidly changing world. From the first African American “Barbie” in the late 60’s (who wasn’t named Barbie … Continue reading

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Listerene’s App for The Blind Creates a WIN Everyone Can See

Oh, this example we are showcasing from Listerene® is just so right for so many reasons! So, ever wondered what it’s like to “feel” a smile? Last week, Listerine’s Advanced White product launched a mobile app overseas that allows the … Continue reading

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