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Does Technolgy Trump Talent, Again?

In our new digital world there is more bad news for photographers. Smart phones, have incredible cameras, new versions of talented tablets are coming out non-stop, and there are apps for everything,… now including photo manipulation at your fingertips. This … Continue reading

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Kentucky Fried Confusion

In the latest spot for KFC, two cool looking dudes pull up to the drive-in window in their 70’s muscle car, bopping and grooving to some classic soul. But where are they, and when is it? The building says “Kentucky … Continue reading

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American Retail Idol.

Think you have a novel innovation ready for prime time? Now is your chance. Get ready for a new reality go-to-market strategy brought to you by Walmart. @WalmartLabs, the digital technology division of the world’s largest retailer, recently launched a contest … Continue reading

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Talk about Reality TV!

I love The Office! Correction, I loved The Office, powered by comedic genius Steven Carell. That’s why my eyes were immediately drawn to the latest offering from Quill Office Products company – an introduction of Dunder Mifflin line of paper. … Continue reading

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When Less is Less Not More.

OK, Reality Check. So, we know as consumers, that we’ve  all been dealing with broad-scale downsizing or manipulation of products for awhile now, as brands attempt to maintain profits during unfortunate economic times. And even though most of these changes … Continue reading

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Drink any good perfume lately?

Okay, I have heard of many cool new eco-friendly products over the last year from raincoats that eventually turn into plants to knitwear made from milk and seaweed which nourishes the skin as it’s worn. But I ran across this … Continue reading

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QR Codes Gain Share of Stomach?

Okay, so QR codes are everywhere we turn, but now, thanks to a German food company called Qkies you can actually eat them. Qkies have given the QR code the “edible” treatment, combining them with a cookie mix to create … Continue reading

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