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Reebok to Oscar Mayer: We’re Taking on Your Bacon

Branding today is a part of  life, like seasons, reality TV, or celebrity divorces. Our clothes display the mark of its maker. Same goes for our cars, electronics, office equipment and toilet paper. When we love a brand, we love … Continue reading

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Breathing Easy

Have you had that chest cold thing lately? You know, the one that started with a sore throat around New Year’s Eve, hung around for a while, sort of went away, then came back with gusto, clogging up your head and … Continue reading

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What a Gift

Discounts and promotions sometimes get an awful reputation. But let’s face it, they exist because they work. They work because people want them. They are that little nudge that could entice or encourage action when a prospect may be hesitating … Continue reading

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Hey Yogi, you got 4 bars?

While hardly the Mountain-Woman type, I do very much enjoy our National Parks across the country, in all seasons. So I was attracted to this new use of technology because it just seemed so… useful (kind of what technology is … Continue reading

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Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks.

Kudos to a brave step recently taken by Ladies Home Journal, or should I say Ladies Home JOURNAL? Starting with their March issue, they will be showcasing much (how much?) of their content crowdsourced. Getting content directly uploaded from readers, … Continue reading

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Listen to the Music.

I’ve commented previously about car advertising – you know, the irresponsible driving and ridiculous small print “Professional drivers. Closed course. Don’t really drive like this or you may kill yourself, but we’re off the hook according to our lawyers”. But a … Continue reading

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Check In and Check Out Foursquare.

Since its debut in 2009, Foursquare has been steadily growing and so has “check-ins,” a term which Foursquare has coined and made famous. Originally, Foursquare was a concept to reward loyalty by making the most frequent check-ins to an establishment … Continue reading

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