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Can Wheaties Leverage Their Brand Equity from Cereal to Beer?

Can a brand name best known as “Breakfast of Champions” now be translated to beer? General Mills Wheaties thinks so and has teamed up with a nearby craft brewery in Minneapolis to create a limited-edition Hefeweizen beer, called HefeWheaties.

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The Next Marketing Horizon— Air Space!

Think the “selfie” couldn’t be topped? Enter the era of the new “Dronie!” New product? New marketing tool? New social phenom? Apparently, yes. Drones have certainly become more commonplace these days, even landing on the White House Lawn, albeit uninvited. … Continue reading

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How to Make Sex Sell Well

Ordinarily, I cringe when I see sex jokes or a “sex sells” approach in marketing. So often the effort ends up being crass and totally in the gutter. Enter the Banana Bunker on Groupon’s Facebook page and I was reminded … Continue reading

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How to Engage? Be Delightfully Interactive

When I was a kid, our local nature center had an interactive display in their reptile and amphibian house — a simple box with buttons and a light. Press a button next to the animal, and another button with the … Continue reading

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Not Your Mama’s Magazine!

Everyone says that Print is “old”, too “traditional” and not measurable. Maybe the only thing that’s “old” is the unimaginative mind that’s creating the plan. Break rules!  (Like, when was the last time you saw a Print ad win an … Continue reading

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Fantastic Brand Built to Buck The Trend

We live in a frantic world. Always connected, scrolling, typing, checking in. And wondering how to speed it up even more. Well, STOP. Check out this “explanation” of the slow brand and tell me you don’t feel something. No wonder, … Continue reading

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Want to Win? Redefine Your Retail.

Want a new sales opportunity for your product or service? Redefine how and where you play!  Just like success story SouveNEAR — a little company that changed the whole dynamic of selling authentic local artisanal goods, by placing them in … Continue reading

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