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Hysterical New Ground for Super Bowl Ads!

With Super Bowl Sunday closing in on us, excitement is growing for the commercials that will play during the Big Game, and sneak peeks of these TV spots are everywhere. Turns out, some brands are taking pretty innovative approaches to … Continue reading

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Great Brands Don’t Have To Die

Think your brand is past its prime? If it was built properly, maybe it can actually stand the test of time — and of bankruptcy, obsolescence, and even having its iconic headquarters obliterated! Take a look at today’s Polaroid…

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Keep Your Eye On The Prize

In the chrome-and-glass world of “contemporary” marketing,  the pressure is always on to find the “shiny new object.” Often, this quest trumps all judgment as to what is truly relevant and motivating to REAL PEOPLE. So how about taking a … Continue reading

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O Christmas 3D Tree, O Christmas 3D Tree!

If you are one of many millions who sets up a Christmas tree every year — and are probably lugging all those decorations back into their boxes this week — take heart! It is possible that in the near future … Continue reading

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Can Sneakers One Up

As we all communicate more and more through technology, it’s no wonder we’ve become more detached from real face to face interactions, and their possible benefits! Le Coq Sportif, a French sports apparel company, realized this societal concern. So “sneaker … Continue reading

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Reebok to Oscar Mayer: We’re Taking on Your Bacon

Branding today is a part of  life, like seasons, reality TV, or celebrity divorces. Our clothes display the mark of its maker. Same goes for our cars, electronics, office equipment and toilet paper. When we love a brand, we love … Continue reading

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Ugly Sells

Like it or not, we live in a world where beauty is worshiped and anything less is pushed aside. Apparently that can change with a little creativity! Enter Intermarche, France’s third largest supermarket chain. As a way of combating the … Continue reading

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