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Customize Your Hot Cocoa!

Just in time for the chilly weather (oh, yeah, and the holiday gift giving season), along comes the next personalizable food. (M&M’s, you didn’t know what you were starting!) Boomf, a marshmallow confection company from the UK, has taken social … Continue reading

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A ‘Fridge Art Museum!

In this digital age there are apps for everything— now even for archiving your kids’ artwork! While my kids’ work is stashed away in an attic somewhere gathering dust and mold, parents nowadays can simply turn to Canvsly and instantly … Continue reading

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Whole new kind of Traveling Salesman

Today, seems like there’s a new form of fancy advertising being touted every day. But for me, good old-fashioned “word of mouth” works best. Learning about a product from someone with real credibility is the best way for me to … Continue reading

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Can Don’t?

How perfect given we are facing the start of summer, and a highly unofficial beer-drinking season! Starting May 6th, Budweiser was available in a new “Bow-Tie-Shaped” can. Harkening back to their iconic bow tie logo, it looks kind of cute … Continue reading

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Getting Social with Chicken and Waffles.

I’m usually not one to partake in the big national brand promotions because I either think there’s only a one-in-a-hundred-million chance of winning, or else the promotions are usually a bit bland. So when my wife told me about the … Continue reading

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My Workaholic Dream Come True

Yes, I work non-stop. At the office, but also at home, on vacation (where I am now), and yes, even (especially) in my car. With a ridiculously frustrating up to 2 hr commute each way (for 17 hwy miles!) to … Continue reading

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Sending Sweet Thoughts

We all have heard the struggles that our US Postal Service is going through, (no more Saturday deliveries starting in August!) so could they take a tip from Belgium? The Belgian postal service is honoring the country’s tradition of making … Continue reading

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