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A Social Sharing App Now Delivers Drinks

“Can I buy you a drink?” Whether as a pick up line, a congratulatory gesture, an act of  celebration, or for a million other reasons, it’s a question asked and answered over and over every day. So champagne giant, Moet … Continue reading

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You Have To Meet The Baby

Oh my god. I can’t get enough of the reaction shots to this inventive promotion for a new horror film “Devil’s Due”. Devised by the sick, sick minds at Thinkmodo, unsuspecting New Yorkers who were considerate enough to check on … Continue reading

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Home Sweet Facebook Home?

Facebook Home recently launched their new app for Android phones. According to the app description: Facebook Home is the mobile experience that puts your friends at the heart of your phone. From the moment you turn it on, you see … Continue reading

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I Downloaded It for The Articles… Honest.

I know it’s fashionable to have an app. Every product, service and brand is supposed to jump on the mobile bandwagon because, well, it’s so hot, and having your own app is just the hottest of the hot.  So call … Continue reading

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#Hashtags for Goods?

In the world of social media, hashtags can help collect comments on a particular topic, help identify sweepstakes entrants, and even add humor to our day #fail. But never before, could you actually BUY merchandise with hashtags. Now, American Express … Continue reading

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When It’s OK to Mix Texting & Driving

…When you want them #homesafely! This initiative is just awesome! The Transport Accident Commission (TAC) in Australia has teamed up with Melbourne’s professional T20 Big Bash cricket teams to create the #Homesafely initiative, which spreads the word about safe driving … Continue reading

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Love Siri? Beware: She kisses and tells.

Siri is now a well known name and probably the best admin you’ll ever have thanks to Apple’s iPhone. But what you ask and tell Siri may not be just between the two of you. In fact, Apple’s iPhone Software License … Continue reading

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