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Maybe If It Carried My Bags to the Car?

Cool or creepy… or just plain scary if you are a Lowe’s associate. Lowe’s is testing multilingual robots just before the holidays to help out with customer service at one of its subsidiary hardware stores in San Jose, . The 5-foot-tall robots, … Continue reading

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Return To Sender.

You’ve no doubt heard of Apple’s giveaway of U2’s latest album “Songs Of Innocence” and the controversy it caused. Apparently, even though everyone wants something for nothing, there are some people that don’t want it thrust upon them without their … Continue reading

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Click Clack is Back.

What’s the #1 app shooting to the top this month?  A high tech, can’t-live-without app? No. Sometimes it is the simplest things long forgotten in the wake of high tech, but given new life again. Hanx Writer, a simulated  typewriter … Continue reading

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Pedal Smarter.

Smart Phones. Smart Cars. Even Smart Refrigerators. So what’s next? How about a Smart Bike? Just how smart can a bike be? Very smart if you are in Copenhagen. The city to first jump on bike-share wave in the nineties … Continue reading

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Goodnight Siri.

Apple recently announced  that they are diving into the smart home market with their new app, Home Kit. Unlike some current devices that control only one or two utilities in your home, Apple’s Home Kit integrates all devices, almost like a … Continue reading

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Another Tech Society Milestone

As the summer of 2014 is almost upon us, here’s some light-hearted news: Apparently, a new Ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein was sworn in recently. No big deal there. It has been done before, many times. What makes this time … Continue reading

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Belmont Stakes Creatively Bets on Mobile for California Chrome

While it’s pretty exciting to have a Triple Crown contender for the first time in 36 years, the Marketing Geekster in me is even more jazzed by the progressive, but SMART marketing being done by the New York Racing Association … Continue reading

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