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Haagen Dazs Really Sings with AR

When a technology is still emerging, often the Early Adopters rush to simply be first (and show how cool they are, in my book) before really thinking through how use use the technology to engage people in their brand or … Continue reading

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A New Spin

I’m always going to be interested in anything to do with vinyl records, so this promo from German dance music label Kontor really caught my attention. To get past those disinterested creative directors who toss CDs in the trash without … Continue reading

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Virtual Grocery Shopping Hits the Streets

A big fan of Peapod grocery delivery service, mobile marketing with real value AND the ever-maligned QR code, Peapod has created a “Perfect Storm” for me — Virtual Shopping from real life events! Going to populated summer places like concerts … Continue reading

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Tweeting Redefined! Really?

Now this is really pushing the limits! Fogg, a Swedish mobile company, is going on a wing and a prayer (literally) to prove the power of its data roaming services, with a campaign called “Tweet Beyond Borders. “  Fogg released … Continue reading

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Digital Crime Fighting

Kudos to Polish police force for finding an ingenious way to combat crime the hi-tech way! Policing is a communal responsibility, and often times officers have to ask civilians to lend them a hand with spotting a criminal. But how … Continue reading

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Real Time Tourist Raves

Having just returned from a vacation in The Netherlands, I was not surprised to see yet another spot-on *people-centric* innovation from the Dutch. (Same folks who not only figured out how to reclaim acres and acres of land that they … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day Saved Online!

There are so many reasons to be thankful (or not) for the internet. But to have an entire collection of sites dedicated to really great ways to calm that “OMG is tomorrow really Mother’s Day?” panic, is just awesome. Click, … Continue reading

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