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When It’s OK to Mix Texting & Driving

…When you want them #homesafely! This initiative is just awesome! The Transport Accident Commission (TAC) in Australia has teamed up with Melbourne’s professional T20 Big Bash cricket teams to create the #Homesafely initiative, which spreads the word about safe driving … Continue reading

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Let your fingers do the giving.

So now even the Salvation Army bell-ringing Santas are going mobile! Couldn’t be more simple. Ringing bell. Big sign. Request to text GIVEPGH to a simple short code and poof — you’ve made a $10 donation. (Well not quite poof. … Continue reading

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Drugs by phone- will they get you hooked?

On the surface, this article touting Walgreens’ success with a *Prescription Ready by Text* SMS program was nothing all that unusual. Cool, but not unusual. You simply sign up to have Walgreens text you when your prescription is filled. And … Continue reading

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Have You Texted Your Mom Lately?

Want to reach your mom? Text her. According to a Millennial Media report, 66% of moms send/receive text messages at home while 34% send/receive them elsewhere. It could be argued that the proliferation of moms using text messaging is most … Continue reading

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I’ll Have a T-shirt with My Gum, Please.

Whoa! Doritos and pretzels at 3PM just got trumped. It seems a vending machine company called Innovative Vending Solutions (IVS), actually set up a vending machine for the Hyundai Kia Automotive Group to sell a new line of its Kia … Continue reading

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