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How Far Is Too Far in Marketing?

Got the guts for a big (risky) idea? At a time when half the world is deeply concerned about sensitivity toward others, and the other half thinks the pandering goes totally too far, it poses an interesting creative challenge (opportunity?) … Continue reading

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Reality One-Ups Virtual Reality

By now, we’re all familiar with the concept of virtual reality experiences. With a pair of goggles and a little imagination, we can be transported to another place in an instant. However, the North Face in South Korea took VR … Continue reading

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Listerene’s App for The Blind Creates a WIN Everyone Can See

Oh, this example we are showcasing from Listerene® is just so right for so many reasons! So, ever wondered what it’s like to “feel” a smile? Last week, Listerine’s Advanced White product launched a mobile app overseas that allows the … Continue reading

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Healthy, Wealthy & Wise For Real

Before I begin my day in this constantly-connected digital world, I like to take a morning run unplugged — no heart rate monitors or step-tracking devices. But the Commercial Bank of Dubai’s (CBD) latest partnership with FitBit got me rethinking my routine. … Continue reading

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Big Ideas Only Look Easy

Ever notice how the really big ideas look amazingly simple when executed properly? But what’s really behind them? Our latest Poster Child: A recent National Blood Week campaign in the UK to increase blood donations due to drastically lower contributions. … Continue reading

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Healthy Brands Can Still Be Hip

Think about the last ad you saw for a good-for-you brand. It probably focused on the nutritional benefits of the product, right? Cravendale Milk in the UK follows the successful lead of the U.S. “GOT MILK” campaign, and takes possibly … Continue reading

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Promo 101: Give Them What They Want to Get What You Want

Promotion in Health Marketing is often believed to be either not possible, very straight forward, or, well, boring. We say, “Doesn’t have to be.” As we kick off the sunny summer season, the leading health-related question is: “How do you … Continue reading

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