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Netflix is Watching YOU, too!

Netflix- It’s inspired by YOU, Paris!

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Age Before Beauty? Why Choose?

In our youth obsessed culture, it’s fantastic to see an iconic brand like L’Oreal tap another “Mature Market” spokesperson, welcoming Dame Helen Mirren, 69, to join fellow beauties like Jennifer Anniston, Jennifer Lopez, and Blake Lively as a face of … Continue reading

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Comedy Theater Gets the Last Laugh on Government Surcharges

Pay per Laugh | TeatreNeu from edududu on Vimeo. Times are hard everywhere. Budgets are shrinking. We all have to find ways to work smarter and more efficiently. Find new ways to stay on top and ahead of the game. … Continue reading

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Blown Away.

I love not only this clever billboard from a swedish shampoo company, but how it inspired The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation to make a similar ad with a very different message. The technology is of course impressive, the visual of … Continue reading

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Can Sneakers One Up

As we all communicate more and more through technology, it’s no wonder we’ve become more detached from real face to face interactions, and their possible benefits! Le Coq Sportif, a French sports apparel company, realized this societal concern. So “sneaker … Continue reading

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Pull Up Your Damn Pants!

And no, I’m not talking about the inexplicable way some young men wear their jeans these days. Of course, I’m talking about that Trivago guy. But thank god, it seems I’m not the only one. I had to pause the … Continue reading

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Shakira’s Hips Defeat The Force

What does it take to unseat VW’s most-shared video of all time? Apparently Shakira, The World Cup, The World Food Programme, and Dannon’s Activia Yogurt. While Volkswagon’s “The Force” had been the most shared ad of all time for 41 … Continue reading

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