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What exactly have you been smoking?

One of the coolest whistle blowers on the planet has to be the After flipping channels the other night, I was left aghast by their latest TV spot where a small crowd gathers around a kiosk in New York … Continue reading

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Coke’s White Christmas… Should’ve been Dreaming in Red!

Oops. Once again, an over-zealous quest to be “bold and attention-grabbing,” a marketer (a BIG ONE) didn’t keep how real people might perceive things front and center. Coke’s current “oops” with its White Christmas, WHITE WWF/ “Save the Polar Bear’s … Continue reading

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Building A Better Label

A recent design program sponsored by UC Berkeley’s School of Journalism and Good Magazine has come up with an intriguing winner. In an attempt to rethink the black and white nutrition label, designer Renee Walker used color and ingredient proportions … Continue reading

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FEDERAL WARNING: Tight pants make you look fat.

In honor of the upcoming July 4th holiday celebrating our freedom, this couldn’t be more appropriate. Things are out of control. Case in point, the new photo mandates on cigarette packaging: it is simply appalling to me. Marketing is a … Continue reading

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Nutrition Keys

A month ago I wrote about the new front-of-package labeling that we are now beginning to see on store shelves. This new blue box, called Nutrition Keys was developed by the Grocery Manufacturers Association and the Food Marketing Institute, two … Continue reading

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Worst Face Forward?

Food Manufacturers might be forced to introduce new front-of-package labeling if the FDA gets its way. The FDA will be releasing new guidelines in early 2011 for food manufacturers to follow that are intended to give consumers more useful, uniform and clearer nutritional … Continue reading

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